Billet ITB Adapter for the 1.6L Miata motor. This ITB adapter will allow you to bolt the individual throttles from the 20V 4AG directly to your  1.6L  head.

This adapter is specifically designed for the Silvertop 20V throttles, but the blacktop throttles will bolt up as well. The blacktop throttles have an odd diamond shape on the back side of the throttle, so you will need to spend a few minutes port matching our adapter with a dremel if you want to run the blacktop throttles.

You will need a standalone ECU or such in order to convert your Miata motor to open throttles.

Be sure to check out our velocity stacks, splashguard, and filters as well!

This unit has been redesigned to maximize flow, reduce weight and improve looks.

  • Machined from a solid hunk of 6061
  • Vacuum nipples on each runner for easier tuning
  • Perfectly port matched for best flow
  • Angled upward for better looks and flow