Our Rear Coilover Conversion is a direct bolt on upgrade that does not require any chassis modification! Built around short stroke KYB AGX shocks with race winning HyperCo Springs in the rate of your choice between 150-400lbs.The KYB AGX's are adjustable shocks that allow you to dial in exactly how your shocks react! We also offer Swift Springs as an upgrade! This kit includes our drop mount/traction bracket assembly. These allow you to lower the position of the rear lower shock eye for more travel on low cars. They also work as "traction brackets" with 2 positions for the rear lower control arms to help with axle wrap on low RX7's. Because this conversion is built on a custom-order basis, the turnaround time is approximately 2 weeks but often times less.



  • Your choice of spring rate!
  • Will arrive ready to bolt on!
  • Race Winning HyperCo Springs included!
  • Includes rear drop mount/traction brackets