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New Products

A Whole Pile of New Parts! AE86, 510, Starlet, RX7, TE72, 4AG!

Over the last few months we've been working super hard and releasing all kinds of new parts! Check it out!   Many of our parts are available in multiple colors not pictured here.
AE86 Fender Braces (fits TE72, KE70, Charmant, AE71 etc)

AE86 Master Cylinder Brace for LHD cars $80

AE86 Coupe C-Pillar Bar in fine wrinkle black or metallic blue powdercoating $90

AE86 Limited Edition Black Camber Plates $190

AE86 Manual Rack Swap MK3 Intermediate Shafts $80

AE86 Coupe Rear Firewall $75

AE86 Coupe Rear Parcel Shelf $50

AE86 Trunk panels for the AE86 hatch $70

AE86 Shock Tower Plates $140

AE86 Rear interior Side Panels for AE86 Coupe and Hatch $90 for the coupe, $100 for the hatch

AE86 Coupe Lexan side windows $90

AE86 Coupe Lexan rear windows $90

AE86 Coupe Lexan Rear Window Supports $40

AE86 an KP61 Spare Tire Cover $60

AE86 Rear Big Brake Kit for the AE86. Available for the Celica/Supra 7.5" rear end as well $950

AE86 Tall Short Shift Kit for all T50 Transmissions $180

AE86 Brake Master Cylinder Heat Shield $60

AE86 Zero Ackerman Power Steering Knuckles $240 with outer tie rods. These are for pro use only, and have had mixed results for the medium level drivers.

AE86 Brake Booster Eliminator $80

KP61 Aluminum Hatch Wing $120

KP61 Door Cards $150

KP61 Rear interior Side Panels $90

KP61 Trunk panels $60

KP61 Engine Cowl Cover $75

KP61 Racing Deadpedal for the KP61 $80

4AG Cam Gears $160 per pair

4AG Injector Plugs $25 set of four

4AG 16V Distributor Heat shield $40

4AG ITB adapters now available in Gold, Red, Blue or Silver $295

4AG Universal ITB adapter flanges and tubes for the DIY builder $160 a set of 4, or $240 a set of 6

RX7 SA and FB Specific Camber Plates $190
RX7 SA and FB 4 links $380 the set of four
RX7 SA and FB full front coilovers $925
RX7 SA and FB full rear coilovers $650
Datsun 510 Universal Tranny Mount $65
Datsun 510 Master Cylinder Heat Shield $60
Datsun 510 Spare Tire Cover $60
Datsun 510 Rear Firewall $75
AW11 MR2 TC Rods (allows 2.5 to 8 degrees of caster) $220
NCRCA Negative Camber Roll Center Adjusters now available for all 90mm and 85mm strut casings such as MA60, MX73, RA64, MX32, KE70 and KE30 $140
TE72, AE71 etc... Front and rear door Cards $140 front, $100 Rear
4" Shifter extension in stainless for all Toyotas 12mm x 1.25    $45
Billet Door Pulls for our Door Cards $60
14 Piece Sticker Pack $20
Techno Toy Tuning T-shirts $20



We Buy Strut Casings! and Stuff!

We pay in store credit for the following strut casings:

Stock 240Z, 260Z, 280Z front and rear strut casings $100 per pair

Stock 280ZX front strut casings $100 per pair

Stock AE86 front strut casings $150 per pair

Stock KP61 front strut casings $150 per pair

Stock TE27 front strut casings $100 per pair

Stock MX73 front strut casings $100 per pair

Stock MX32 front strut casings $100 per pair

1st gen RX7 strut casings (big spindle only) $150 per pair

We are currently all stocked up on 510, RA64, TA22, RA28, TE72 casings. 

All strut casings must be in decent condition with no bent spindles or major pitting to the body of the strut casings.  Light surface rust is just fine. Dirt grease and grim is just fine. If possible, please thread the gland nuts in place before shipping the  casings so that the threads are protected.

We also provide $150 credit for each 4AG AE86 GTS bellhousing!

Please send all strut casings and parts to:

Techno Toy Tuning
4211-A Business Dr.
Shingle Springs, CA 95682

Please be sure to include all your contact info with the package so we know who put credit on the books for!


US Military Addresses

We have updated our system to handle US Military addresses. You will just select your State as: AA = Armed Forces (Americas), AE = Armed Forces (Europe, Canada, Middle East, Africa), or AP = Armed Forces (Pacific). This will allow the automatic shipping rates for US orders to be handled correctly for those stationed around the world where US Postal addresses apply. This is part of our ongoing improvements that we make to the site to help serve you better.


Kenmeri Skyline For Sale (SOLD)


Our project Kenmeri Skyline is up for sale!

We Picked up this car about a year and half ago from JDM Legends out in Utah.

The car was very fast but, handled like a waterbed, so we tore into it right away. We built a full front coilover set for it based on 280ZX strut casings. This allowed us to use the much stronger spindles from the 280ZX and to take advantage of the 280ZX vented rotors (a very effective brake upgrade from the original Skyline single discs). We added camber plates, RCA's and developed full rear coilovers for the car as well!

Car is exactly as pictured on JDM Legends website, except now it is at least 2" lower all around, with plenty of adjustment more down, if needed.

Car handles MUCH better now and is very fun to drive. 

Yes, it has an RB26DETT.

Detailed inspection pics here:

Updated pics after suspension here:

Asking price for the car is $26,000 (SOLD)