Drift cars take a lot of abuse. We believe that their parts should be both high quality and affordable so that you can spend more time in the seat. Our new High Angle Tension Control Rods were designed using parts and idea's we have tested over the past 20 years including our 3 piece teflon lined rod ends, sturdy aluminum rods and multiple pick up points for maximum adjustment! If you happen to damage a piece of these TC Rods they can easily be rebuilt!

 All hardware plated or powdercoated (The black stuff is powdercoating) providing a finish tough as nails

Three piece precision rod ends with 3/4" shank, and 5/8" bore, making them INCREDIBLY strong. The rod ends are also Teflon lined, making them self lubricating and helping to reduce noise.

Right and Left hand threaded threads, making them super easy to adjust caster.

Stainless Steel tapered spacers for rod ends to provide greater deflection.

These TC rods will provide incredible steering feedback, zero caster deflection and EASY caster adjustment and alignment tuning.

  • Bulletproof construction
  • Bolt on solution
  • Fully Rebuildable