We now have lightweight crank pulleys for every model 4AGE! If you have the 16v, 20v, FWD, or RWD, we've got you covered. We have these in single or dual row, available in Raw Silver or Grey Anodize. 

They weigh in at nearly 70% lighter than the factory pulleys. The keyway boss is 200% larger and reinforced to help prevent the keyway breakout that is so common on high revving 4AGE's. These are perfectly balanced, and we've tested them on cars running up to 11,000 RPMS!

The rear keyway boss on this crank pulley is a larger diameter than stock. This requires the slight trimming of the plastic timing cover on the front of the motor. Trim to the second raised line on the plastic cover.

Please select the pulley you need from the list carefully. Let us know if you have any questions!

We are currently changing all of our pulleys to a gorgeous grey anodize but can anodize up to 10 pulleys in a custom color for an additional fee




  • Balanced for use at high RPM's
  • Faster engine revving!
  • Reinforced crank boss to prevent failure!