We have finished up our 20V water line relocation kit!

Comes with absolutely everything you need to run the water lines when mounting a Silvertop or Blacktop 20V into an AE86!

This kit runs the water lines under the intake manifold so they are out of sight and stay cooler. This kit flows the water in the direction that the 20V was intended to flow. Through the head first, then the block for cooler charge temps and more HP!

This kit allows you to use the OEM 20V water pump, thermostat and all OEM sensors. This kit also allows you to retain the heater in the AE86. No fuss, just a direct bolt on kit.

  • Machined billet waterline block
  • All new silcone hoses
  • New Toyota thermostat
  • Direct bolt in solution
  • Comes with all block off plates, gaskets, clamps, nuts and bolts, and even includes new silicone radiator hoses and new Toyota thermostat!