This kit is designed as a "slip on" option for the AE86.

Comes with short sleeves and your choice of spring rate. Works well for those using full length shocks and looking to lower the car with some height adjustment capability.

For street use when trying to match front height with rear lowering springs.

Below are the popular spring rate choices for the AE86 but custom spring rates are always an option! Just select custom rate from the drop down and we'll be in contact shortly after your order is placed!

The AE86 is best with: 

  • 6KG(Front)/5KG(rear) for old school sport/touge handling 
  • 7KG/6KG for our choice sport/touge/track handling 
  • 8KG/6KG popular sticky tire track handling 
  • 8KG/6KG for drifting 
  • Swift Japan Springs
  • No cutting/welding required
  • Easy installation