In the past, we've only been able to build AE86 front coilovers on factory spindles. Over time, factory 86 spindle cores have become increasingly difficult to locate.

It was time to move on! We started from scratch and designed our new Evolved Front Coilover System for the AE86.

Some neat specs about our new setup!

  • Allows up to 2" of lowering, simply by moving the spindle up the tube! And this does not change the Roll Center at all! (Inside wheel clearance allowing)
  • Easily camber adjustable up to +/-2 Degrees using camber pills.
  • Fully fabricated construction, no cast portions.
  • Chromoly Spindles
  • All specifications and offsets EXACTLY the same as the factory AE86. No compromises here. No increased scrub radius. For the rally guys, if you needed to swap in a factory strut casings in a pinch, it'd be a match.
  • Fully customizeable for length, sleeve position, and shock insert.
  • Choose any spring rate you like, or contact one of our knowledgeable staff for suggestions.
  • Powdercoated in gunmetal grey
  • Stainless Camber Pills
  • Plated aircraft grade hardware
  • Standard build includes short stroke adjustable AGX dampers. Contact us for prices, if you'd like to use TRD, HTS, Koni or Bilstien dampers.
  • Camber plates are not included, but can be added in black and gold. Use drop down menu to add camber plates.
  • Any of purchase of front coilovers with our camber plates includes our swivel upper hat system free!

Depending on current demand, fabrication time may be 4-8 weeks

  • Your choice of spring rate!
  • Will arrive ready to bolt on!
  • Completey Customizeable!
  • Race Winning HyperCo Springs included!