Yes! These are the famed HTS short stroke shocks for the AE86 Corolla. Considered one of the best shocks every made for the AE86.

This a full set of four Tokico HTS102 Short Stroke adjustable dampers for the AE86 Corollas.

Best for use in shortened strut casings converted to coilovers.  These have the fantastic and renowned damping range of the HTS shocks, and are best for cars running 2.5" lowered or more.

Unfortunately, the days of getting these for $680 the set have passed. The poor state of the USD combined with Tokico's supply woes over the last 2 years have made the price on these wonderful shocks go nearly all the way back up to the pre-boom ecomony days. If we have these available we have these in stock. Do not order these from anyone that has them back ordered, or you will likely wait 6 months to a year to recieve them (Yes, Tokico is that screwed up right now).

Super limited quanitiy. If the description says not available, that means we do not currently have any in stock.

On occasion we have extra front or rear units to sell singly on hand, in case one of you classic guys has a shock that has gone bad. Drop us a call at 530-672-8600 to check stock on individual units.



  • Fully adjustable damping
  • For shortened strut casings
  • Short Stroke damper