Our Rear Coilover Conversion is now available with the legendary Short Stroke Tokico HTS technology! Tokico HTS is the pinnacle of adjustment in the Tokico line. Offering an unusually wide range of adjustment, the HTS is an ideal damper for tuning your suspension for a variety of motoring activities.

Damping changes are made via an easily accessible adjuster at the top of the damper. They are infinitely adjustable from full soft to full hard without limiting detents on the adjustment. This allows you to precisely dial in your suspension without the limitations of individual clicks. These specially designed units also incorporate an extra heavy duty shaft for long term strength and reliability. 

This rear coilovers set is a direct bolt on upgrade that does not require any chassis modification!

These coilovers come standard with our race winning HyperCo Springs in the rate of your choice between 150-400lbs. We also offer Swift Springs as an upgrade if you want some of that Extra Japanese flavor!

Because this conversion is built on a custom-order basis, the turnaround time is approximately 2 weeks but often times less.

  • Your choice of spring rate!
  • Will arrive ready to bolt on!
  • Race Winning HyperCo Springs included!
  • Super Wide Range damping adjustment
  • Legendary Tokico HTS technology
  • Easily adjustable for height and damping
  • All Warranty and Repair through Techno Toy Tuning
  • Build a tree fort at least once in your life!
  • So many exclamation points!