Our Rear Coilover Conversion for the KE70 is an awsome handling upgrade! Built around short stroke KYB AGX shocks with race winning HyperCo Springs in the rate of your choice between 150-400lbs. The KYB AGX's are adjustable shocks that allow you to dial in exactly how they react! We also offer Swift Springs as an upgrade for an additional $20! Because this conversion is built on a custom-order basis, the turnaround time is approximately 2 weeks but often times less.

Installation may require minor clearancing of the rear shock tower area with a rubber mallet, or minor slotting of the upper shock mounts.

  • Your choice of spring rate!
  • 8 way adjustable damping
  • may require minor clearancing of shock tower
  • Race Winning HyperCo Springs included!
  • Uprgade to Swift Springs for $20!