Is your RA64's ride height extremely low? Lowering your car changes the angle of the swaybar in relation to the car and changes the amount of leverage applied to the swaybar.

In order to restore the correct swaybar angle, we've made these rear swaybar drop mounts. Originally for the AE86 and found to fit RA64's with some modification. 

You'll need to remove the retainer(pictured above) from the axle housing for the Drop Mounts to slide on. All mounting hardware included.

Billent aluminum construction for excellent rigidity. 

Includes two spacer blocks and two billet U-brackets

Will fit all oem or aftermarket rear swaybars for the RA64.

For Solid Axle RA6x Celica's only. 

  • Machined from solid aluminum
  • Beautiful gold and black anodizing
  • All bolts, spacers and washers are stainless or plated
  • All bolts are metric for a perfect fit
  • Aren't they pretty!