Swift is a high end manufacturer of coil springs from Japan and provides top quality products.

Swift's Springs are wound with less coil than competitors allowing for more stroke and reduced weight!

Noticeable increase in traction, smoother weight transfer, better ride quality, and a more predictable feel!

Springs are powdercoated in a vibrant metalic copper color.

Below are the popular spring rate choices for the AE86 but custom spring rates are always an option! Just select custom rate from the drop down and we'll be in contact shortly after your order is placed!

The TE72 is best with: 

  • 6KG(Front)/5KG(rear) popular choice for sport/touge handling 
  • 7KG/6KG for our choice sport/touge/track handling 
  • 7KG/6KG popular sticky tire track handling 
  • 8KG/6KG or7KG/6KG for drifting 




  • Consistent linear spring rates
  • Choice of top drivers 
  • Made in Japan