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Skillard's custom 240Z Front Grill is designed for the Datsun 240Z and uses the factory mounting locations. They offer two versions of this grill.

The first version is designed to fill the front end opening without a bumper installed (select "No cutouts for bumper" in the product options). It has a 1/8" installation clearance on each side.

The second version of this grill is designed with three (3) slats shortened by an additional 1/2" on each side to allow for OEM '70-'72 bumper brackets* to clear the grill (select "Cutouts for 240Z bumper" in the product options). This version is compatible with the '70-'72 bumper brackets only.

This grill fills the whole front opening, as is shown in the pictures. It is much more rigid than the OEM grill, so Skillard was able to eliminate two of the lower mounting points which are different depending on the year the 240Z was manufactured. This mounting utilizes the top two mounts, as well as the lower center mount. It comes with installation hardware and adjustable brackets that will allow you to raise or lower the grill as much as 3/4" to fine tune fitment on a nearly 50-year-old car.

This grill is made completely from lightweight aluminum and has extra slats that extend down lower than the OEM grill to fill the void left by the OEM grill. Again, the Skillard grill is much more rigid than the factory version and will promote increased durability.

*The "No cutouts for bumper" version of this grill is designed to fill the front end opening without a bumper installed. It has a 1/8" clearance on each side. We also carry front bumper delete panels for those that need them.

 For 260Z and 280Z owners who want the 240Z look, Skillard offers a 280Z Front Grill with Turn Signal Delete. This achieves a similar look with the correct mounting hardware for your model year.