Ultimate Tie Rod Package for the X-Runner


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Check out our new Ultimate Tie Rod Package for the X-Runner! 

We started off by updating the Inner Tie Rods from the OE 12mm to high quality 14mm units. This provides added strength and leverage! 

Then we used very strong 5/8" bore rod ends with 3/4" shanks for the Outer Tie Rod Joints. The Rod Ends are 3-piece teflon lined to keep them quiet and long lasting (just like all our other rod ends!). The actual outer tie rod is made of 1 inch solid aluminum construction. Just try and bend one of these puppies! (or don't, it really wouldn't be safe! :)

They are right/left hand threaded for easy adjustment and alignment on the car. They come with tapered stainless spacers to that fit into the steering knuckles like an OE outer tie rod. There is no drilling required for these Outer Tie Rods!!

Bumpsteer Adjustment can be made by moving the ball joint pin spacers around. 

Tapered adapter bushing inner bore is designed with a zero tolerance fit once torqued down. The bolt will have to be lighty tapped out/in to remove/install if you should have to ever have to remove/replace the bolt.