SAFB RX7 Riser Plates for Camber Plates and Strut Mounts


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Riser Plate Options * built your coilover setup.

Maybe you used HTS shocks or Koni Race dampers and cut your strut casings 40mm and find that the car is too low.

Or you purchased a car that had some lowering springs that have had a coil cut one too many.

Or you've changed your wheel and tire combo and you are now rubbing too much.

Or you want to do some rally-X and need just a bit more clearance.

 How do you get some height back into the car without completely re-doing the suspension?

That is where our Riser Plates for the front come into play.

These are 1/2" tall (about 12mm) and fit directly on top of the camber plates or factory rubber upper strut mounts and raise the car by that 1/2"

These come in a pair and come with an assortment of hardware to mate them to nearly all camber plates and factory strut mounts.

Machined from solid aluminum and anodized clear for corrosion resistance and that NASA look!


The secondary possible use for these is to mount above the strut tops and gain travel on the shock. 

So you built your coilover setup and used MR2 rear shocks or such. At the height you want it to sit at, you are just out of travel on the shock! 

You can move your camber plates to the top of the strut tower, and use these riser plates in between to gain over about 5/8" more travel on the shock. 

To run them this way, you will need our reinforcement plates as well (the black plates). They will go under the strut tower and make sure the camber plate bolts can not pull throught the strut tower.

Camber Plates are not included.