Black Camber Plates for the SA and FB RX7


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We are happy to release our camber plates specifically designed for the 1st gen RX7. Since the SA and FB guys are really stepping up their interest, we've re-designed the camber plates to fit the SA, FB and the FC with no modifications to the chassis.

These camber plates are designed for those running coilovers.

The bearings on these are inserted into the aluminum blocks with what is called an "interference fit". What that means is that the holes that the bearings go into are actually a hair smaller than the bearing going into them. What we do is freeze the bearings and heat up the aluminum blocks to 200 degrees. This makes the bearings shrink a bit and the blocks expand a bit, and then they slip right in!

Once the temperature equalizes on both, those bearings are IN THERE! They will not move around or cause you any "clunking" noises. They are also held in by a keeper ring, to ensure they don't pull out of the bottom of the blocks.

If you are running our T3 coilovers, you'll want to check out our Full Upper Hat System for 2.5" coilovers for use with our T3 camber plates!

If using original RX7 strut inserts in your coilovers, you will need to machine down the shock shafts to fit the bearing.