About Us

Have you ever dreamed of making really cool stuff? I bet you have.

At some point when we were kids, we all wanted to be the guy (or gal) that made something really awesome. When I was a kid, I wanted to build robots. Big Robots. Like that big yellow robot that Sigourney Weaver kicks butt in at the end of Aliens. I don't make robots, but I'll settle for making go fast car parts and be content with that :)

Now, my business partner Rick, he was the kid that could never leave well enough alone. Everything had to be modified. If there was a way to make something faster or be more thrilling, it had to be done. Trained in a classic apprenticeship at Mare Island as a welder and machinist, he picked up every skill needed to make and modify just about anything. Working on Nuclear Submarines to putting a V8 in an MGTD, he's done it all. Sometimes I swear his main goal is to find the littlest car and put the biggest motor in it!

So how did we end up making car parts, for all these old school cars? We owe it all to an ugly little red Corolla. I saw an AE86 Corolla at a used car lot and picked it up for $800. Guys, I suggest you always consult with the wife before bringing a "boxy ugly car" home. She wouldn't look at it for a month. She did finally come around to seeing the wonderful charm these cars have!

I had already picked up Rick's sickness of not being capable of leaving well enough alone and I wanted to make a short shift kit for the car. He suggested we make five of them.....and Techno Toy Tuning was born! 1000 shift kits later, and we are still around making parts!

Over the years, our products have evolved because of you guys. We'll put something out there, and the tinkerer in you guys might come up with a good idea to make it better, or see something clever we missed. We always listen to our customers, and because of that, the product only gets better.

Many of our products were the direct result of a handful of you guys coming to us and requesting a part. With even the rarest of obscure old J-Tin cars, there's always a least a few of you crazy guys doing incredible things with a particular chassis. If you need something, but don't see it on our site, feel free to contact us anyways. Often times we can modify an existing design to meet your needs.

We are just regular people like you, and we will continue to do our best to provide the highest quality parts and the best possible customer service to help you get your project done!

Techno Toy Tuning
4211 Business Dr. Suite A
Cameron Park, CA 95682 +1 (530) 672-8600
Open Monday-Thursday 8AM to 5PM. Fridays 8AM to 4PM. Usually out to lunch from 12 to 1pm.

Delivery and pickup by appointment only.

We are exclusively a parts manufacturer. We do not do any repair, customization or installs on customer cars.