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We now offer 3 different levels of damping choices for our Rear Coilovers to fit your budget and specific driving needs!

All of our rear coilovers are built around high-quality Japanese short stroke dampers and come standard with HyperCo Springs in the rate of your choice between 150-500lbs! If you want some of that extra Japanese flavor, we also offer Swift Japan Springs as an optional upgrade! Our proprietary spring perch allows for easy height adjustment without the need for spanner wrenches or special tools. For nearly every application these Rear Coilovers are a bolt in solution and do not require any chassis modification! All units are fully rebuildable and come with urethane mounting bushings top and bottom.

Now….what’s the difference in these 3 damper choices? I’m sure it can seem a bit confusing with so many options. Let’s break it down!


T3 x Tokico Super Sport (blue dampers): This is our most affordable option and features fixed damping (non-adjustable). Far from an entry level coilover, these short stroke units have serious sport damping much like that of the old school TRD fixed dampers. Using Tokico’s legendary Adaptive Damping technology these provide greatly improved handling and tire adhesion under a wide range of road conditions. If you want true sport and race performance without the hassle of messing with damper settings, these are a fantastic option for you! Just bolt them on, set your ride height and go! Best paired with spring rates from 200lb to 350lb.


T3 x AGX (red dampers): Our tried and true choice for 20 years. These have never done us wrong. Using short stroke Kayaba (KYB AGX) dampers, these have been used on thousands of cars worldwide. They have a great range of adjustable damping from comfort to race and have proven to be incredibly durable and versatile. Super easy to adjust, just reach under the car, and turn the knob from 1 to 8. If you are looking for something that will go from street to sport to race and drift, these will do the trick. These units were on the T3 AE86 when Keiichi Tsuchiya drove it at Horse Thief Mile. We’ve got Hot Version video proof that these get the job done! Best paired with spring rates from 200lb to 400lb.


T3 x HTS (grey dampers): Our flagship level unit built with legendary Tokico HTS Technology! HTS is the pinnacle of adjustment in the Tokico line and offers an incredibly wide range of adjustment for just about any type of motoring activity. Damping changes are made via an easily accessible adjuster at the top of the damper, from inside the car. They are infinitely adjustable from full soft to full hard, allowing you to precisely dial in your suspension without the limitations of individual clicks. These specially designed units incorporate an extra heavy-duty shaft and higher volume body for long term strength and reliability. The focus on these units is serious sport and race performance. These are not Sunday cruise units, unless that Sunday cruise involves hitting some curvy mountain roads! Because of the wide range of adjustment and the ability to control much heavier spring rates, these are also a fantastic choice for heavier cars such as MA60 Supra.  Best paired with spring rates from 250lb to 500lb.

With our rear coilovers, no chassis reinforcements are necessary. In 20 years of making rear coilover conversions, we’ve not seen a single chassis failure using our units.