Ultimate Steering Rack for the 240/260/280z


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For nearly a decade now Z owners have been struggling to reliably find replacement steering racks. Some rebuilt ones would pop up every once in a while, but turnaround times and the end product was always in question. It almost seemed like the ones that would come up were "vaporware". Now we are to the point that even rebuild parts have become unobtanium. So....We finally got off our ass, tooled up, made new dies and put them back in production. As with all our products, it is very important to us to make everything as backwards compatible with OEM as possible. Our Z steering rack uses all new modern friction materials and bushings but stays true to the original architecture of the original racks so that even your factory inner tie rods will fit if you'd like. 

Steering ratio is identical to the quickest steering ratio offered on the early 240Z for a proper sporty feel. This rack will fit all 240Z, 260Z and 280Z's (we provide the needed bushings for a direct fit). 

Rack comes complete with bushings, inner tie rods and boots already assembled, greased and ready to drop in.


If you want to go that extra bit for laser precise steering input, upgrade to our Ultimate Steering Package that add's our steering coupler to eliminate the factory rag joint, and High Clearance Outer Tie Rods! Trust me, it won't be too harsh in any way. Lotus and AE86 steering is legendarily precise and that is because, no rag joint! You too can have that steering precision on your Z. Our Outer Tie Rods provide better steering leverage, are a direct fit with OE or our Evolved Knuckles and are beefy but lightweight! You also get to enjoy an $80.00 discount for purchasing it as a package!

There is zero wait time on these racks. We have plenty in stock and for the foreseeable future, can ship immediately!

As with all or products, we stand behind our work. If you should EVER have any issues with our products, please hit us up and we will do our absolute best to take care of you. 

We've thoroughly tested these units for months now on our prototype car, but we have not had a chance to test fit this on every single year and half year of Z cars and Nissan is notorious for making weird random changes during production runs, so if you do come up against an issue, please let us know and we will sort it out!