Evolved Knuckles for the Datsun 240z, 260z and 280z


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Our new Evolved Knuckles for the 240z are absolutely perfect!

As many of you know, we have been manufacturing steering arms for vintage Toyotas for over a decade. We've been working on a solution for the Z car for a couple of years now, but the complex angles of the factory Z knuckles created some interesting challenges. We wanted these knuckles to be perfect in every way with no compromises so we finally threw in the towel and machined these on a 5 axis machine! 

These have all the correct geometry and tapers of the original units for a direct bolt on fit, but with the adjustability of a proper quick steer knuckle. These knuckles will work with factory style outer tie rods, or our outer tie rods. If you should have our straight 5/8" pin outer tie rods, let us know and we can provide the correct tapered mating hardware for these steering knuckles. 

Pair these with our Evolved RCA's for full ackerman adjustment and negative camber capability.

These knuckles are specifically designed for the 14mm ball joint Datsuns. If you have the early 11mm ball joints on your car, we strongly suggest upgrading to the 14mm ball joints for the much needed extra strength.