High Clearance Outer Tie Rods For Nissan/Datsun Z


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High Clearance Outer Tie Rods for the Z. We use very strong 5/8" bore rod ends with 3/4" shanks for these parts. The Rod Ends are 3-piece teflon lined to keep them quiet and long lasting (just like all our other rod ends!). The actual outer tie rod is made of solid aluminum. Just try and bend one of these puppies! (or don't, it really wouldn't be safe! :)

We offer the outer tie rods in two different configurations. Originally the inner tie rods on the 240Z used a right hand thread on one side, and a left hand thread on the other side. Some time in the 80's Nissan discontinued the left handed thread inner tie rod, so any replacements were made by changing the inner and outer tie rod to right hand thread.

Currently the only replacement inner tie rods available are in a right hand thread. 

What this means for you:

If you have original inner tie rods, choose the Right/Left hand option below.

If you have new inner tie rods, or tie rods that have been changed since the 80's then choose Right/Right below.

Z31 is Right/Right Thread