Extended Rod Ends


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We've been manufacturing our own T3 rod ends for quite some time now, and while we were at it, we came up with something quite special to add to our toolkit of parts.

These specialized rod ends will work with nearly all of our lower control arms, 4 links, panhards and more. With a 3.25" (82MM)  long threaded shank, they allow massive amounts of extra adjustment while adding an extra core of strength to the double adjuster assembly on our arms. 

Available in left and right hand thread, these 3 piece rod ends are 5/8" bore, with a very stout 3/4"-16 threaded shank. They are teflon lined, self lubricating and built to our specific F1 very tight fit, ensuring incredibly long life and quiet operation. With a rating of over 16,000 lbs static load, you can count on these units to handle the most brutal of abuse. Rubber boots are available if your local regulations should require it. 

Our Lower Control Arms use Left Hand Thread 

Gold Rods for 4 links, Panhard Bars, etc are Left and Right Hand Thread. Left Hand side of the Gold Rod is designated by a groove at the end of the Rod.