Now from heavier gauge material, making them even more strong, and with a larger foot pad!

Techno Toy Tuning Hub Stands.

For working on suspension while under load, long term storage, when a car can not be put on jack stands (Lotus Elise, etc) or when taking all 4 wheels to the tire shop.

Or just for people that don't trust jack stands.

These will fit nearly all 4 lug and 5 lug car bolt patterns.

Bolt patterns designed into the stands include, but are not limited to:









Gloss Red powdercoating or black powdercoating for durable finish.

We have tested these on cars up to 4500lb's.

There is NO safety certificatioin on these, use at your own risk. These are considered race only parts. How you use them, or mis-use them is your own responsibility.

Video of stability test here:

Each hubstand weighs 13lbs, so shipping prices will be priced accordingly. 





  • Powdercoated Gloss Red 
  • Laser cut steel
  • Does the job!