GNDM Vents for the AW11 MR2


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We wanted to add a bit of agressive style and cooling to the AW11 MR2! Introducing our new GNDM Vents inspired by the classic TV Series with giant robots! 

These provide additional cooling by venting the engine bay's heat up and out of the rear next to the engine lid!

They are sold in pairs and are available with fine textured Semi Gloss Black Powder Coating or completely Raw. 

For perspective on the work that goes into these, we laser cut 8 aluminum components, do 28 CNC bends, then fully tig weld each seam, then sand and smooth and blend all the corners, sandblast then powdercoat if desired. 

Our original price on these, due to the work involved was $695 a pair. We understand that the price is a hard sell for the AW11, but we are faced with the question of....if it's too expensive to make, should we not make it? Or do we forge ahead and make cool parts just because we want to, regardless of the price? Either way, we have reduced the price on these significantly, so this may be the first and last batch we make. Get em while you can!

It's been a long time since anyone has shown any love with new parts to the AW11. I think the AW11 is really coming into it's own now, and we wanted to make a REALLY nicely made part to celebrate that. 

These are also one of those neat "forever parts". Like a Carbing Strut Brace for the AE86, they don't wear out and can go from one car to another for decades and always hold their value. 

If you car is already done and you are looking for that little bit extra....Maybe these are the ticket!