Front Suspension Conversion for Mazda RX3


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The RX3's rotary powerplant provides huge potential for gobs of power but the suspension options for these interesting cars have always been few and far between. Even upgrading to FB RX7 suspension hasn't really proven to be ideal. We have aimed to fix some major problems with the RX3's suspension design with our new Front Suspension Conversion. We started with a set of our GTX2 adjustable control arms with TC Rods and added a forward TC Rod bracket to now incorporate caster adjustment into the RX3's front end. Our Front Suspension Conversion also includes a newly designed Torsion Sway Bar to help eliminate body roll during hard cornering or daily commuter abuse! 

The RX3 Front Suspension Conversion is a complete bolt in conversion and includes:

  • Solid Bushed GTX2 control arms with TC Rods 
  • TC Rod Brackets 
  • Torsion Sway Bar 
  • Sway Bar Blocks
  • All necessary hardware for bolt in installation 

All parts have been powdercoated or anodized to prevent corrosion and have been tested for years by our Rally and Road Racing customers with great results!!! 

Subframe wings must be trimmed for clearance