5 Lug Front Hubs for Datsun 240Z


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5 lug front hub conversion for the 240Z

For our rear end conversion, many people decide to go with 5 lug rear setups. These new hubs for the FRONT allow people running 5 lug on the back to have 5 lug on the front.

Machined from solid billet 6061 aluminum and anodized grey for durability.

Bolt pattern on the hubs is 5x114.3 (5x4.5")

Comes with grade 10.9 bolt studs in factory 12x1.25 thread pitch.

Available with standard length studs or extra long racing studs

Comes with all races pressed in a new set of bearings.

Center caps included.

Front and rear mounting faces are in the exact same postion as the factory 240Z so no special offsets are required to run these.

Known fitment problems with TE37 V's due to the small diameter for the center cap. A 1/4-1/2" wheel spacer will be needed for clearance.