Rear Lower Control Arms for Datsun 240Z, 260Z, 280Z


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Our new Z rear lower control arms come with Prothane bushings on the inboard side, and on the outboard side 3 piece teflon lined 5/8" rod ends with 3/4" shanks.

They are adjustable on car. Spin the center nut one way, they get longer, the other way they get shorter.

They allow you to adjust toe and camber, as well as widen the track on the rear end about 1" if you so desire.

They also come with a shim kit for adjusting the wheel forward or backward about 1/2" in the fenderwell.

All solid steel construction

All hardware plated or powdercoated (The metalic grey stuff is powdercoating) providing a finish tough as nails.

Three piece precision rod ends with 3/4" shank, and 5/8" bore, making them INCREDIBLY strong. The rod ends are also Teflon lined, making them self lubricating and helping to reduce noise. Some Countries require Dust Boots to be road legal. We can install these during assembly if needed. Add 4 Rod End Boots to your order for these arms. 

You'll have to see these for yourself, but we're pretty confident that these are the beefiest rear lower control ams ever made for these cars!

We designed these to withstand not just Use by our Road Race customers, but the ABUSE of our Drifting and Rally customers!