Z Front Tri Bar Add-On


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Light weight aluminum construction, machined brackets, and spherical rod end construction with right/left hand threading for an exact adjustable fit.

Now with 3D machined firewall bracket in anodized Black! 

Tri-Bar add on is sold separately from the front strut brace.

We also offer this bar to fit the Cusco Oval strut brace. 

The Blue color has been discontinued and is only shown as an on car example.

This is a tri bar add-on for our Z front strut braces. You need the T3 or Cusco Z Front Strut Tower Brace first for this to mount.

Specify if your car is RHD or LHD as the firewall brackets are mirror images of one another.

Specify if your strut brace is ours our a Cusco front strut brace.