Rear Coilover Conversion for the S130 280ZX


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We now offer the rear coilovers for the 280ZX with either the Bistein digressive valving or KYB AGX Adjustable short stroke dampers.

The Adjustable AGX option will be best for those that wish to play with damping and have a more sport/race range characteristic. For a firmer ride with more agressive handling, these are the right choice. 

The Bilstien option is not adjustable, but uses Bilstiens Digressive Valving design to handle a large range of road conditions with fantastic control. For street and sport use such as mountain driving with occasional track days, we suggest the Bilstiens. These have legendary durability and are well know for providing an incredibly controlled ride without being too harsh.

Our billet upper mount design provides an extra 2.25" of shock travel.

The coilovers have a range of 2" below factory to completely slammed. 

Spring rates of your choice. Price is for a pair. 

These are built on a custom-order basis and nearly any custom spring rate you want are available. Turnaround time for coilover conversions is approximately 1 to 2 weeks (often times less).

We can build these coilovers with with spring rates from 150lb up to 400lb's.

These are almost a direct bolt on. The 280ZX will need the top strut mount hole openend up from 1.375" to 1.5" a hole saw and center guide is included with the rear coilovers to make it a 15 minute job!