Prothane Total Bushing Kit for the 240Z


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Factory rubber bushings were never meant to take much abuse and the sloppiness in your suspension can be considered a direct result. Prothane's urethane suspension bushings were developed to control torque and deflection, giving you a noticeable improvement in handling, cornering, and ride. Plus, they're unaffected by most chemicals and weather conditions, allowing them to last virtually forever. The Prothane Kit includes all of the bushings available for the Z car other than the front upper strut mount.

If your factory bushings are worn out and if you want to restore your car to excellent sport handling and are doing mild mods such as sport lowering springs and high performance shocks only, this kit is an excellent choice!

  • TOTAL Kit Includes:

    • Front Control Arm Bushings
    • Rear Control Arm Bushings
    • Front Strut Arm Bushings
    • Front Bump Stops
    • Rear Bump Stops
    • Front Sway Bar Bushings
    • Front Sway Bar Endlinks
    • Transmission Crossmember Bushings
    • Diffirential Mount Bushings
    • Steering Coupler Bushings
    • Steering Rack Bushings
    • Tie Rod Dust Boots