SUPER Evolved Knuckles with Outer Tie Rods for Toyotas with 87mm Struts


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Our SUPER Evolved Knuckles (steering arms) and outer tie rods for Toyotas with 87mm Strut Casings.

Based on years of testing and feedback from pro drifters and road racers like Taka Aono, we have refined our knuckles into this ultimate rendition!

The SUPER Evolved knuckles combine every feature of our Evolved Drift Knuckles and Road Race Knuckles by incorporating ADJUSTABLE ACKERMANN!

Using 87mm alignment pills, these knuckles allow you to set your car up with either the road race standard layout or reduced ackermann Drift layout. On the street or road course, we suggest the standard road race ackermann for the best sports car steering. The drift layout will provide the best blend we've found of steering angle and steering feedback.

Our Knuckles with Outer Tie Rods are made from billet machined steel (We've pocketed and lightened these as much as possible to reduce weight), solid 1" 6061 outer tie rod couplers and Rod Ends with 3/4" shanks, 5/8" bore rod ends, 3-piece teflon lined to keep them quiet and long lasting (just like all our other rod ends!).   

You can use them "as is" to do what they are meant to do, or if you decide down the road.... You can use them to get creative and put MA60 strut casings and brakes on your KE70 or KE30 for example! 

Want to use longer lower control arms from a larger sedan on your KE30 or KE70, but the LCA's have the larger Toyota ball joints? No problem. These will work for that too!

All thats needed is to swap out the 87mm inserts for our Quad Essentric 85/90mm inserts. 

We've provided two holes for the outer tie rod to adjust steering reaction. Mating the outer tie rods in the hole closest to your struts will allow for quicker steering.

Outer tie rod spacers are to allow adjustable bump steer on the knuckle.

If you need EXTRA long outer tie rods for your widebody build, let us know, we can always provide outer tie rod shafts in longer lengths.