4AGZE 175mm High Boost Crank Pulley


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Our 4AGZE crank pulley is 175mm in diameter for high boost on the GZE. On a bone stock 4AGZE this should raise the boost to around 14PSI. If your engine has a much larger intercooler, you will not see quite so high boost pressure, but you will see much more power!

Please be advised, you will need to run a longer supercharger belt, move the factory timing pointer outward, and run a smaller idler pulley. (A 4AGE NA timing belt alternator pulley works decently when flipped around backwards and shimmed out a tad).

The keyway boss is 200% larger and reinforced to help prevent the keyway breakout that is so common on high revving 4AGE's.

The rear keyway boss on this crank pulley is a larger diameter than stock. This requires the slight trimming of the plastic timing cover on the front of the motor. Trim to the second raised line on the plastic cover.

We are currently changing all of our pulleys to a gorgeous grey anodize but can anodize up to 10 pulleys in a custom color for an additional fee