AE86 Door Cards


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These are not your normal flat door cards. These have compound bends and hook over the top of the door, for a completely finished look. None of those sharp edges are exposed at the top.

These also include an angle cut spacer for the door handle so that that it is totally complete looking and does not have a gap around the door handle. 

These door cards are absolutely beautiful! They add a very clean and crisp look that looks updated, oldschool and racecar like all at the same time!

Made from .050 aluminum, very light weight, but solid and rigid.

Powdercoated in fine wrinkle black for a super tough finish.

All stainless  mounting hardware included!

Price is for a complete pair.

We offer various accessory options as well!

Check out our Billet Door Pulls!

Or our Milstrap pull options in Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Pink or Black Nylon with Billet Hardware (can be configured as a loop or strap).

Due to size limitations via USPS and ridiculously high shipping prices via FedEx, this item may not be eligible for shipping outside of the 48 contigous states.  We apologize for any disappointment or inconvenience this may cause.