Many builds require extra room for turbo's and such and leave no room for the brake booster. Some people like the firmer feel of manual brakes when racing. Others yet have found it nearly impossible to find a replacement booster in their local auto parts store. This brake booster elimator solves all three problems!

These mount directly to the firewall. These are a direct bolt on with no modifications needed. Most AE86's came with a 10mm pin from the pedal to the master cylinder but some came with an 8mm pin. Check your car before ordering and add the correct size to your shopping cart while ordering.

All mounting hardware is included.

Machined from a solid chunk of billet aluminum.


  • Solid Billet Construction
  • Anodized in awesome Grey
  • Solid pedal feel under hard braking
  • Direct Bolt on
  • Very compact
  • Compatible with our Booster Shield
  • Compatible with our Master Cylinder Brace