Cusco Swaybars for the AE86 Corolla


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For those needing less body roll in the rear of the car, we offer the Cusco swaybars.

We generally use a TRD or Cusco swaybar interchangeably.  TRD swaybars have been hard to come by lately but, thankfully, we have the super high quality Cusco available and we usually keep a few in stock.

If you've upgraded the springs and shocks on the car and you still aren't happy with the body roll the car has, this front swaybar is on of the final keys to making the perfect handling AE86!

Front and rear swaybars sold separately.

Due to size limitations via USPS and ridiculously high shipping prices via FedEx, this item may not be eligible for international shipping to your country (but many we can ship to many overseas countries). Please contact us directly to find out if we can ship this item to your location outside the USA.  We apologize for any disappointment or inconvenience this may cause.