Equal Length 4 Link Kit for the AE86


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AE86 Equal Length 4 Link Kit now available! Using our super high quality 3 piece rod ends and stainless hardware. Available in 4 configurations.

Sold as complete kit with 4 links, Boxes with complete upper long links, Boxes and retrofit kit for our standard 4 links(includes boxes, and 2 longer red rods only, with no rod ends. Transfer your existing rod ends and hardware over) or Boxes alone.

Rod ends are massive 3-piece teflon-lined, making them self lubricating and eliminating the need for a zirc fitting.   All spacing hardware is CNC'd Stainless Steel. 

Rods are Right and Left Hand threaded for adjustment on the car. Milled wrench flats for easy adjustment. Construction is solid 6061 T6 aluminum in a bright brushed finish just like our Lateral Rod.

Equal length boxes require cutting and welding on the chassis, and moving or making new fuel and rear brake hard line. A qualified fabricator must install the boxes