MK3 Intermediate Shaft for AE86 Corolla Manual Rack Swap


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For those doing a manual rack conversion on the AE86, one of the key components is a MK3 Supra Intermediate Shaft. These have been getting more and more difficult to find in the junkyards, so we decided to make a batch from scratch!
We also now have Intermediate Shafts available with the hard to find Manual U-Joint! 
Made from solid steel and heat treated for strength, these are a direct fit into the AE86 steering column. The factory intermediate shafts are installed with a coating of rubber before being slid in. We suggest installing the intermediate shaft into the column with Permatex 20297, "bearing mount for worn parts". This will effectively replace the rubber from the original unit and eliminate any slop. 
Note: U-Joint will only work with Intermediate Shafts sold after 09/23/2021. If you would like to purchase one seperately please email so we can verify you have the updated intermediate shaft.