For those doing a manual rack conversion on the AE86, one of the key components is a MK3 Supra Intermediate Shaft. These have been getting more and more difficult to find in the junkyards, so we decided to make a batch from scratch!
We also now have Intermediate Shafts available with the hard to find Manual U-Joint! 
Made from solid steel and heat treated for strength, these are a direct fit into the AE86 steering column. The factory intermediate shafts are installed with a coating of rubber before being slid in. We suggest coating these replacement intermediate shafts in RTV or Toyota FIPG before install. If you wish to have zero movement use a slow cure epoxy. If you ever need to remove it, you may need to use heat to soften the epoxy. 
Note: U-Joint will only work with Intermediate Shafts sold after 09/23/2021. If you would like to purchase one seperately please email [email protected] so we can verify you have the updated intermediate shaft.