T3 55mm Billet Horn Button


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Upgrading to a nice Aftermarket Steering Wheel can really change your perception of a vehicle. The look and feel of it in the hands will have you thinking "this is a freakin' Racecar!"  Typically these nice Italian Steering Wheels are finished off with a plastic horn button though and many of us have experienced them falling out of the wheel into your lap. We wanted finish off this upgrade and elevate the driving experience in a better way! 

Introducing our new T3 55mm Billet Horn Button! 

We've machined these Horn Buttons from 6061 Billet Aluminum and Anodized them Clear or Black. They press fit tightly into Steering Wheel's with a 55mm opening using a heavy duty O-Ring. Each Horn Button includes a Momentary Switch that clicks nicely when pressed and we have many optional colors to suit your style!