Tall Lever Short Shift Kit


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This is our latest variation on our short shift kit. Over the years, we've had several requests for a "Tall Shifter". Our own Formula D AE86 used a long shifter to postion the shift lever higher and closer to the steering wheel for quick adjustments.

Our new "long" shifter uses the same architecture as our short shift kit. The only difference is the shift lever itself. We've extended the steel shaft by 4" over our standard short shift kit.

Our T3 Short Throw Shifter features a 40% reduction in throw. Yes! That is 40% reduction vs. TRD's 33% Reduction in throw. COMPLETE BOLT IN UNIT. What you see pictured is what you get.

Our kit includes:

  • A complete set of 3 Delrin bushings for a tighter more precise fit and longer bushing life!
  • All mounting hardware
  • CNC Machined Base Plate
  • Steel one piece shift lever (threaded to fit Toyota shift knob)
  • Positions shift knob appoximately 2.5" Taller than stock for a nice Rally look and feel.
  • Completely manfuctured from scratch and backards compatible with all OEM Parts

This unit comes completely assembled and greased up. Bushings already installed and ready to go into the car. Basically undo the four bolts on your original unit and drop this whole unit in.