Something a little special for the AW11 guys! Our new Rear Lower Control Arms are now available. These units replace the factory rear lower control arms AND trailing arms.


Fully adjustable on car

Up to +30MM extra track (if the CV's will allow it, or custom CV's are made)

Full Caster adjustment

Includes 20mm RCA's

23MM of adjustable bump steer reduction

Massively oversized teflon lined bearings

Multiple positions for castor rod and swaybar to prevent binding

Powdercoated, anodized and plated finish

Trailing Rod can be moved inboard for clearance on high angle cars

Fully rebuildable in the event or racing damage

Some Countries require Dust Boots to be road legal. We can install these during assembly if needed. Add Rod End Boots to your order for a quantaty of 4 boots.

Can be ordered in custom widths at no extra charge

Trailing arms and lower control arms included. Rear Toe Links can be ordered separately. 

  • Easily adjustable on car
  • Strong enough for Rally Use
  • Quiet enough for Street
  • Direct bolt on solution
  • Fully Fabricated steel lower control arms (No used OEM parts)
  • Double adjustable hardware (extend or shorten on car, no unbolting)
  • Adjustable bumpsteer
  • All plated or stainless hardware.
  • Oversized Teflon lined 3 piece rod ends at all points
  • Body is powder coated Metallic Gunmetal Grey
  • Length adjustable to +30MM over factory
  • Heavy gauge steel used throughout for much more added strength over factory units