Bushed 4-Links for KP61 Starlet


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We've had a lot of requests for these, so we do our best to comply!

Our 4 links are now available with urethane bushings on one end or both ends!

Uses massive 3/4" shank. Right and left hand adjustable for easy on-car adjustment. Stainless spacers and powdercoated ends.

Rod ends are massive 3-piece teflon-lined, making them self lubricating and keeping them quiet for an incredibly long time.

Eliminates Axle hop during acceleration and deceleration. Greatly improves to the ground traction and driver feedback. Traction is greatly improved (all the power gets to the ground without any wheel hop) and it is easier to break the rear end loose by "throttle on" even in wider drifting corners. Makes it a lot easier to control a drift with just the gas pedal. The whole rear end is super tight and not sloppy at all since there is no longer any diagonal movement of rear axle. Zero twist of the rear axle also. Every throttle input goes right to the ground.

Rods are Right and Left Hand threaded for adjustment on the car. Milled wrench flats for easy adjustment. 

Comes with all alignment spacers and hardware pictured for a direct replacement. If you have good tools and some experience you should be able to install these in an hour or so.