MA60 Rear Wilwood Conversion Kit


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MA60 Rear Brake Calipers are becoming nearly impossible to replace! We decided to solve this issue by replacing the calipers with Wilwood units! 

Our MA60 Rear Wilwood Conversion Kit is also a great match with our MA60 Front Big Brake Kit! Unlike many cars, the MA60's Factory Rear Brakes use a vented rotor which is very desireable for keeping your brakes cool! Pair that with the 4 piston Wilwood Calipers and more aggresive Brake Pad material used in our conversion kit for a simple yet effective Rear Brake Upgrade! 

Pads are available from Street to Race, comes with all mounting hardware and stainless lines. 

This kit works with your Factory Brake Rotors. Replacement Rotors are available in Blank, Slotted or Cross Dimpled/Slotted.