Panhard / Lateral Bar for MX32 Cressida


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We designed these to the highest possible standards. No skimping on the expensive parts here. All Heim joints at both ends with metric sizes for a direct fit! Zero Slop, and Zero Deflection - this lateral rod is SUPER tight!

The original bolt for the body side mount was a 12mm, but was tapered after the threads for a loose fit on the original bushing. We didn't like that lack of precision, so we are providing new 12mm bolt that have a precision shank for a super nice fit (helps reduce rattles and premature wear on the heim joints).

This rod has enough adjustability to be used on a stock height car or a car that is drastically lowered. Even on our test mule car (which hasn't had any of the other suspension modified), it made a drastic improvement in handling. The REAR END WIGGLE is GONE!

Comes with all alignment spacers, nuts and washers for a quick replacement - it took me 10 minutes to jack up the car and throw it on!

For those that are worried about excessive noise in the rear end from using all Heim joints, THERE IS NO WORRY! We actually thought that a lot of noise would be transfered from the rear end, but that was suprisingly not the case! I could not distinguish any noise difference at any rpms or while cornering. The only time it transfers any noise is when hitting bumps or rough pavement, and the noise is not very loud, just a little different than stock. I was very pleasantly suprised! Definately a street usable lateral rod - with the performance of a race unit!