Evolved Roll Center Adjusters for 90mm Toyota Struts


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Meet our new Evolved RCA's for the MA60/RA64 and all other 90mm strut spacing Toyotas! Using very clever geometry and hardware, these units can be used as a normal Roll Center Adjuster, Ackermann Adjust Roll Center Adjuster or Negative Camber Roll Center Adjuster.

Regular RCA mode works just like normal, NCRCA mode adds 2 degrees negative camber, Ackermann Adjust gives you full crazy drift Ackermann.

For street or road race use, we suggest the RCA or NCRCA function. These units will greatly help to reduce bumpsteer in RCA and NCRCA mode, as well as provide amazing turn in, in the NCRCA mode. 

Ackermann Adjust should be considered experimental only and be used on a dedicated competition only drift car with high HP. Adjusting Ackerman to zero WILL reduce steering feedback and is only beneficial when the car is at full lock and fully sideways. At any other point in driving, low ackermann will only cause tires to scrub. Experimenting and getting used to adjusted ackermann should be done on a skidpad with no obstacles. RCA and NCRCA modes will not greatly affect alignment. Ackermann adjust mode will create massive toe out and will require adjusting the outer tie rods out about 1/2" per side to compensate. A real alignment is always necessary and one of the best investments you can ever give yourself on your street, road race or drift car!