Trunk Side Panels for TE31 Corolla


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The TE31 never really had adequate protection of the rear quater panels from inside the trunk. 

The side wells in the trunk are open, allowing things to slid around and dent the rear quarter panels out from the inside!

Unfortunately we have personal experience of this, when a light racing jack slid sideways and dinged my mechanics fenderwell.  It was "the suck".

These panels clean up the rear trunk area and help protect the inner quarter panel.

Made from .050 aluminum, very light weight, but solid and rigid.

Powdercoated in fine wrinkle black for a super tough finish.

Comes with all stainless mounting hardware.

Price is for a complete pair.

Due to size limitations via USPS and ridiculously high shipping prices via FedEx, this item may not be eligible for shipping outside of the 48 contigous states.  We apologize for any disappointment or inconvenience this may cause.