Traction Links for the IS300


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Adjustable Traction Arms are an important upgrade for multi link rear suspension. As you make adjustments to the other rear suspension components the Traction Arms can be used to dial out rear bumpsteer and increase traction! 

  • All hardware plated providing a finish tough as nails.
  • Solid 1" aluminum, single piece arm design, providing the maximum in rigidity
  • Three piece precision rod ends with 3/4" shank, and 5/8" bore, making them INCREDIBLY strong. The rod ends are also Teflon lined, making them self lubricating and helping to reduce noise.
  • Extened Rod End on the Chassis side for easy jam nut access. 
  • Right and Left hand threaded threads, making them super easy to adjust toe. 
  • Laser Cut Steel and Powder Coated Knuckle Clevis .
  • Stainless Steel tapered spacers for rod ends to provide greater deflection.

You'll have to see these for yourself, but we're pretty confident that these are the beefiest traction links ever made these cars!

We designed these to withstand not just Use by our Road Race customers, but the ABUSE of our Drifting and Rally customers!