Front Lower Control Arms for the SA and FB RX7


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Fully Fabricated steel lower control arms (No used OEM parts)!

Double adjustable hardware (extend or shorten on car, no unbolting)

Off the shelf ball joints, strongest option, easy replacement.

Length adjustable from .25" below factory to 1.5" over factory.

Three settings for the swaybar droplink and TC Rods (for widening the track of the car).

Heavy gauge steel used throughout for much more added strength over factory.

Ball joints used are from an AE86 Corolla, but the tapers are exactly the same as the RX7.

There are four different advantages to this. The AE86 ball joints are much beefier, the threaded nose is 14mm instead of the 12mm size of the RX7, the AE86 style ball joint are pressed in AND use a snap ring (vs the RX7 ones that are pressed in only) and the final advantage is that the slightly longer ball joint gives about 1/2" of built in roll center correction to the lower control arms.