Round Raybrig Racing Headlights


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Raybrig never did made a big splash over here in the USA, as their products were just a little too expensive for the scene at the time.

Raybrig is the racing division of Stanley Lighting (provider of nearly all OEM Japanese car light housings).

Those of us "in the know" remember their awesome JGTC cars, and a few of us have had the luck to be able to run these housings on our cars.

I have run these on my AW11, SW20, AE86 and KP61. The light output is downright awesome and super crisp.

These housings are the ones that have a light blue tint to the front lens.

Sold in a pair. Housing and bulbs included. 

Sorry to gush...these things are badass.

Congratulations on your purchase of these amazing headlamps! Raybrig is the motorsports division of Stanley Electric, one of the largest manufacturers of OEM headlights in the world.
For decades now, Stanley has fielded the Raybrig NSX in the JGTC.
As of the end of 2020 Stanley is discontinuing The Raybrig line, and will continue to promote the product, but under the Stanley Electric Label.
These housings, while marketed under the Stanley Electric name, possess the exact same specifications as the original Raybrig housings. Stanley has chosen to use a very light ice blue tint to the lenses in order to present a clean and refined look.
This is very likely one of the last runs of product that will be marketed under the Raybrig Name, so you have something quite special here. Enjoy!