Stanley Electric Raybrig Headlights


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Stanley Electric Raybrig Headlights have been popular on the touge for years because of their ultra bright halogen bulbs and crystal clear lenses! 

At the end of 2020 parent company Stanley Electric discontinued the classic version of these lights. They no longer feature an embossed Raybrig logo on the lenses and their packaging has been simplified. Otherwise these are still the same legendary headlights! 

Raybrig was the racing division of Stanley Electric (provider of nearly all OEM Japanese car light housings). Those of us "in the know" remember their awesome JGTC cars! 

I have run these on my AW11, SW20, AE86 and KP61. The light output is downright awesome and super crisp.

These housings are the ones that have a light blue tint to the front lens.

Sold in a pair. These come with the Raybrig Bulbs as well!

Sorry to gush...these things are badass.